The Sickle Cell Patient Health Promotion Centre (SCPHPC) which evolved out of the desire to assist the less privileged sickle cell patients in the community. At the initial stage, the SCPHPC was rendering assistance informally.

The main focus of the SCPHPC is to provide medical and pharmaceutical support to the poor and needy sickle cell patients in the locality.


  • mobilizes pharmaceutical care and support for sickle cell patients ;
  • creates awareness and educate the public on the causes and effects of sickle cell anaemia through counseling, seminars, workshops, publications etc;
  • mobilizes and coordinates financial support for the treatment of sickle cell patients

SCPHPC aims to establish, run and manage a specialist hospital for the treatment, control and management of sickle cell anaemia and related ailments; and collaborate with other organizations towards addressing the aforementioned.

With a view to achieving the aims and objectives outlined above, the SCPHPC has been operating in two broad ways:

  1. Weekly clinics; and
  2. Mobile clinics;







3.2     Weekly Clinics

3.2.1  The SCPHPC organizes weekly clinics in which registered patients are grouped into eight (8), each group is given a day once a month for attending the clinic. Mondays and Wednesdays have been set aside as clinic days.

Health talks, counseling, tests for the newly enlisted patients and referrals (as the case may be) are part of the weekly activities of the SCPHPC. Patients are given routine/supportive drugs which will take them to their next clinic day.

3.3     Mobile Clinics

3.3.1  Mobile clinic is organized once a month by the SCPHPC on a selected locality. This is always achieved through the collaboration and support from the traditional authorities of the selected area. Home and hospital visits to patients in critical and crises situation are being carried out during the mobile clinic days.




4.1     The Sickle Cell Patient Health Promotion Centre’s sources of funds are as follows:


  1. Contributions by members;
  2. Donations, public collections and other lawful means of fund raising; and

iii.      Donations/Grants from Government, NGOs and Donor Agencies.



5.1     The SCPHPC has recorded numerous achievements since its inception in 2008. The following are some of the achievements:


  1. Since its inception in 2008, the SCPHPC has successfully organized about five hundred weekly clinics, in which over one thousand five hundred patients have been benefiting;
  2. The SCPHPC has secured registration with the Nigeria Youth Clubs/Associations and also incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria;

iii.      The SCPHPC has been included in the African Sickle Cell Club;

  1. The SCPHPC has successfully conducted its first anniversary in February 2010 and subsequently every year;
  2. The SCPHPC has employed the services of Consultants who have been advising and carrying out technical and specialist services;
  3. The SCPHPC successfully linked up and cooperated with government and other sickle cell organizations across the country for the purpose of promoting awareness and education on sickle cell anemia;

vii.     The SCPHPC commenced the publication of its quarterly Magazine in January 2010;

viii.    The SCPHPC has conducted a one-day capacity development workshop for its staff and volunteers of the Centre;

  1. The SCPHPC identified and supported about thirty families seriously affected by sickle cell disease;
  2. The SCPHPC has undertaken a complete restructuring of its activities, programs, organs and processes in order to position it to be able to face the current and future challenges in the area of health care services; and
  3. xi. The SCPHPC has organised and successfully conducted a rally in Kaduna and celebrated the World Sickle Cell Day on the 19th June from 2010 to 2017.


6.1     The major constraint of the SCPHPC had been the dearth of funds. The Centre

had been struggling to run and execute its activities. The major source of revenue for

the activities of the Centre has been through donations from individuals and other

institutions, which at present; resources are not forthcoming due to economic factors

and as the economy did not favour many including our sponsors.



7.1     This is the body responsible for the implementation of all SCPHPC’s activities

and programs. It serves as the Secretariat of the Board of Trustees of the Centre.



The following constitute membership of the Executive Committee and it meets once

every month:


  1. The Chairperson;
  2. The Vice Chairperson;

iii.      The Secretary General;

  1. The Financial Secretary;
  2. The Internal Auditor;
  3. Project Coordinator;

vii.     Legal Adviser;

viii.    Public Relation Officer; and

  1. Two other selected members.



8.1     The highest decision making arm of the SCPHPC is the Board of Trustees. This presently consists of ten (10) members. The Executive Committee of the SCPHPC implements decisions made by the Board of Trustees. On an advisory capacity, the SCPHPC also maintains a three (3) member Committee of Patrons for guidance and advice.


8.2     The names of members of the different arms of the SCPHPC are highlighted as follows:


Members of the Board of Trustees                                     

  1. Alh. Isa Katsina CON
  2. Alh. Ibrahim Doro

iii.      Alh. Kabir Yahaya

  1. Alh. Umaru Yusuf
  2. Haj. Badiya Magaji Inuwa
  3. Haj. Amina Yahaya Gusau

vii.     Haj. Rabi Coomassie

viii.    Haj. Binta Shehu Yar’adua

  1. Haj. Binta Ladan Ayi


Committee of Patrons


  1. His Royal Highness,

The Emir of Katsina,

Alhaji Abdulmu’min Kabir Usman


  1. Alhaji Ahmed Maiyaki


iii.      Hajiya A’isha Aliko Mohammed



Members of the Executive Committee

  1. Haj. Badiya Magaji Inuwa –        Chairperson
  2. Haj. Hajara Usman          –        Vice Chairperson
  3. iii.      Haj. Binta Ladan                               –        Secretary General
  4. Haj. Kilishi Yari                   –        Assistant Secretary General
  5. Haj. Binta Bello Mashi                   –        Financial Secretary
  6. Haj. Mariya Abdullahi –        Internal Auditor
  7. vii.     Barr. Nuru Muhammad                       –        Legal Adviser
  8. viii.    Mal. Sani Adamu                              –        Project Coordinator
  9. Mr. Femi Mustapha Oyelola –        Public Relation Officer
  10. Two other selected members







10.1   The Sickle Cell Patient Health Promotion Centre has the following future programs:


  1. To expand its activities to cover other towns and cities within Northern Nigeria;
  2. To expand means of sending awareness messages through Radio, TV, Newspapers, etc;

iii.      To establish and manage its own Specialist Hospitals for the treatment, management and control of the sickle cell anaemia; and

  1. To secure a land and construct its permanent Secretariat.